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Det siger vores kunder om Adspert

Adspert Referenzen

Sagt med et ord: Fantastisk!

Siden vi startede med at bruge Adspert er CPC og CPL blevet reduceret betydeligt, og konverteringerne er steget. Adspert kan man stole 100% på, og du får mere tid til at koncentrere dig om din kampagnesturktur og splittest.

M. Matratzi, Online Marketing Manager, simfy GmbH

Adspert — Det bedste valg

Vi havde kigget længe efter et bid management software før vi fandt Adspert. Vi fandt hurtigt ud af at det var det perfekte valg.

A. Hesse, CEO and Founder, MenschDanke
GmbH (GutscheinPony)

Ideel til at opfylde individuelle mål

I vores daglige arbejde med at optimere google Adwords kampagner hjælper Adspert os til at opnå vores KPI. I det softwaren lærer hurtigt fra “historien” tager den højde for sæsonudsving og omsætter det til bud strategier der virker.

D. v. Finckenstein, Account Director LBi Germany AG

Optimal hjælp til profit optimering

Som et førende e-handels firma har vi en profit optimerings tilgang til vores søgemaskine annoncering. Adspert giver os optimal hjælp til at opnå disse mål. Udover fantastiske resultater er vi også glade for den individuelle support Adspert teamet giver.

Dr. Gerald Schönbucher, CEO, Hitmeister GmbH

Succes historier

Sådan kan Adspert også hjælpe dit firma

Hitmeister: Adspert for profit maximization


Early on, Hitmeister realized the advantages of tools that
automatically optimize and manage their Google ads. Hitmeister has
been working with Adspert for almost two years now, and is more
than happy with its performance.

All targets were exceeded

Hitmeister was early to give thought to the issue of “bid
management in Google Adwords“, and so tested different providers.
Initially they only tested Adspert for one of their Google Adwords
accounts. They were at once convinced by the resulting boost in
performance, and quickly converted the rest of Hitmeister’s Adwords
accounts for optimization by Adspert.

Like many companies in e-commerce, Hitmeister focuses on
profit maximization. By using Adspert, all major SEA KPIs were
surpassed significantly. Also, so much time has been saved that
other tools are no longer being used.

The plug and play solution

“In our bid management, we do not have to worry about
anything anymore, as Adspert takes care of choosing the optimal
maximum CPCs” (Dr. Gerald Schönbucher). The plug and play
solution makes it possible to make bid management fully automatic.
Without a long process of implementation, new Hitmeister accounts
can be added easily and automatically, and will be optimized
straight away.


When it comes to search engine advertising, we
pursue a strategy of profit maximization. Adspert is a great help
in that. We can completely rely on Adspert

Dr. Gerald Schönbucher, CEO Hitmeister

About Hitmeister

Hitmeister is one of the largest German online shopping
platforms for new and used products. It is certified by the German
TÜV and lists more than 12 million products, has 1 million
customers and cooperates with 3.500 commercial retailers.
Hitmeister is distinguished by the security it offers to buyers and
sellers alike. In addition to that, excellent customer service and
competitive prices are very important to them.

Wine in Black: Adspert doubled the conversions per day


In the last few weeks, the startup Wine in Black has seen a
massive boost in its performance. This was made possible by the bid
management tool Adspert, which has been automatically optimizing
Wine in Black’s Google Adwords accounts since summer 2012.

The great challenge for e-commerce companies

Wine in Black has only been on the market since June 2011.
This means that it needs to be especially efficient and performance
oriented in its operations. Online marketing is particularly
crucial to create awareness, raise user numbers and boost sales.
SEM (search engine marketing) is a great effort, as the CPC bids
and keywords need to be adapted, altered and optimized on a regular
basis. The complexity and sheer amount of this work takes up time
for the marketing department, valuable resources that could be put
to better use optimizing landing pages or writing advertizing copy.

This is where Adspert comes in: This bid management tool
works fully automatic and focuses on optimizing CPC bids based on
pre-determined KPIs. The marketing department can concentrate
entirely on other important tasks that cannot be carried out by
software, and so take the company further.

114% more conversions, 30% less expense

Since Wine in Black have started using Adspert for their SEM,
the relevant figures have developed extremely well: The number of
conversions per day has more than doubled by 114%, the costs per
conversion have simultaneously gone down by more than 30%.

Wine in Black was quick to realize the strategic advantages
that Adspert has to offer, and will continue use the software


Adspert allowed us to achieve a surprisingly
substantial increase in performance, while at the same time
reducing our SEM costs by 30%. We are very happy with our decision
to test Adspert.

Susanne Langkau, Online Marketing Manager Wine in

Über Wine in Black

Wine in Black (http://www.wine-in-black.de) was one of the
first projects supported by Project A Ventures GmbH & Co. KG (http://www.project-a.com).
They are an exclusive shopping club that offers a wide ranging
selection of high quality premium wines to its members every week.

simfy: rapid growth with Adspert


The startup simfy is active since 2010 and currently offers
its music streaming service in Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
Belgium and South Africa. Despite the competitive music market
simfy succeeded in securing its large market share primarily
through online marketing activities. By using Adspert, simfy’s bid
management is fully automatic managed.

Time savings with fully automated AdWords optimization

Shortly after the start of simfy, the management team looked
at automation options for Google advertising. After a very
successful test phase, Adspert now optimizes all AdWords accounts
of simfy for more than a year.

“The feedback from Adspert was very valuable from the outset,
and the service always excellent! Rapid growth is particularly
important for us as a startup. Therefore, we are trying to work as
efficiently as possible. Adspert is the perfect partner for us in
the area of Google AdWords” (Hans Otto – Head of Marketing).

Through simple and compelling plug and play optimization of
Adspert the simfy team can now relax about Google advertising:
Adspert does the bid adjustment (cost per click) and identifies new
profit-maximizing keywords. simfy uses the time gained for
extensive testing, among others; this would not be available
without Adspert.


Since we started using Adspert, we don’t have
to worry about anything; we let all our Google AdWords accounts be
optimized and we are more than convinced of the service. We trust
Adspert 100 percent.

Hans Otto, Head of Marketing simfy

Über simfy

With simfy (http://www.simfy.de)
music fans can access over 18 million songs via streaming, listen
to music, create playlists and share them with their friends via
social networks. Users can choose between advertising-financed
services and a paid premium services. On the market since May 2010,
simfy now belongs to the leading streaming providers in Europe.

Wooga: achieves growth targets thanks to the use of bid
managment tool Adspert


Through the use of the bid management tool Adspert, Wooga has
impressively increased its performance with Google AdWords within
just a few days. Woogas growth targets can now be met by using

Costs reduced – conversions increased

For Wooga, Google AdWords is one of the most important
marketing channels, used in order to address and win new customers
for their computer games. Therefore, Wooga is always looking for
new possibilities to optimize, especially automate the processes,
so that the limited working capacity can be spend on other tasks.
After a few days of AdWords optimization Wooga already noticed an
extreme performance increase. The costs per conversion have been
reduced by 27%; simultaneously the numbers of conversions have
increased by 33%.

“With Adspert we are able to meet our goals of profit
optimization. This is very important for us, in order to achieve
our direct response marketing goals” (Luca Barberis, Marketing
Manager Wooga). Through the fully-automated optimization of the
AdWords campaigns, the team of Wooga saves a lot of time that is
needed for other marketing activities.


Adspert is extremely easy to use and achieved
an impressive performance increase within a few days. Google
AdWords became – with the use of Adspert – cost effective for us
and we don´t need to devote attention to the bid management any

Luca Barberis, Marketing Manager Wooga

About Wooga

Wooga (http://www.wooga.com)
is a Berlin-based company, developing computer games since 2009
with a focus on emotional characters and good usability. With more
than 200 employees in 30 countries and 50 million active users per
month, Wooga is one of the largest social games providers
worldwide. Currently Wooga has six games on the market: Brain
Buddies, Bubble Iceland, Monster World, Happy Hospital, Diamond
Dash and Magic Land with many more coming on Facebook and Mobile.

Returbo tests Adspert – convinced by the 2-minute set-up


Returbo, a fast-growing start-up, is looking for a way to
automate its processes: convinced by Adspert’s 2-minute set-up,
Returbo starts test to optimize all Google AdWords accounts

Test passed: extreme performance increase

“The test with Adspert went extremely well. We achieved an
incredible 130% increase in conversions with Adspert” (Simon
Schmid, Returbo Managing Director). Moreover, Adspert was able to
lower Returbo’s costs per conversion by more than 40% – a
significant number for the e-commerce shop. The growth was strongly
driven by Adspert’s optimization and Returbo is pleased with the
increased sales.

Easy to use

Adspert’s user-friendly dashboard lets customers make all
necessary settings. Everyone from interns to CEOs will find Adspert
quick and intuitive to use. “Adspert was not only able to start
optimizing our AdWords accounts within 2 minutes, but the dashboard
is additionally super clear and easy to use. Working with Adspert
is actually fun” (Ben Küstner, Returbo Marketing Manager).


We are always glad to recommend Adspert to
others. A great, easy-to-use tool with a great added value.

Simon Schmid, Returbo Managing Director Returbo

About Returbo

Returbo (http://www.returbo.de,
Arena RKD GmbH) is an online electronic discounter, selling
televisions, digital cameras and many other special deals. returbo
only sells special deals and returned electronic items from
wholesalers and retailers. All returned goods and electronic
remainders are given visual and technical inspections before being
sold. As part of its service, returbo even offers 24-month
warranties, 12 months more than the standard for returns.
Especially for new items, the full manufacturer’s warranties apply.

Oppa: Adspert increased our conversions and reduced our costs tremendously


Active in the market since 2011, Oppa is an
innovative e-commerce company specialized in furniture and
decorative objects. They seek to offer their products at an
affordable price without the loss of quality.

Adspert manages our accounts completely automatic

Oppa had been looking at automated optimization tools
for Google AdWords for a long time. In a stage of high growth, they
wanted support for their growing Google advertising accounts. After
initially testing the tool, their choice fell upon Adspert, as they
were really impressed by its performance, trusting the tool 100%

Today, Oppa relies on Adspert to successfully manage
their accounts by optimizing the bid adjustments (cost per click)
and adding new profit-maximizing Keywords and Placements. New
campaigns are integrated within a matter of minutes. The money and
time saved as well as the increased earnings are invested in other
areas, such as the highly praised consumer experience offered by


Being a startup, rapid growth
without the loss of quality is very important to us. Therefore it
is essential that we work as efficiently as possible. Adspert
gives us the support that we require in this regard by optimizing
our Google AdWords accounts. The tool increased our profits by
more than 70% while also earning us valuable time needed for other
parts of the business, such as optimizing our consumer experience!

Hassan Yassine, Digital Marketing Manager Oppa

About Oppa

Oppa is a
leading company offering furniture and decorative objects online.
They believe in smart design and innovative pieces. They are
already celebrated as one of the leading companies in their segment
and rated as the number one company in Latin America in terms of
customer satisfaction. They offer products uniquely designed and
made by young Brazilians as well as renowned designers. Their aim
is to sell high quality products at a fair price.